Small Groups

Small Groups Beginning March 1

Celeste Sayers Ladies Group - Meeting Mondays, beginning March 14, at 6:00PM in her home. She will be studying the book of James.

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Contact Celeste @

Ordonez Group - Audrey's Group is finished for this semester. She will be resuming her group in the fall watching the film "The Chosen".

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Pastor's Group - Pastor's group has finished up for the semester. Be sure to sign up for the fall semester beginning September 1.

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Sue & Denny Hoffman's Group - Meeting Sunday Nights, beginning March 6, from 5:30 - 7:00 PM at their home. They are Studying "The Two Minute Leader" by Brian Dodd.

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Contact Sue @ 724-813-9757

Hanson's Group - Lee Hanson's group has finished up for this semester. Be sure to check the Small Groups in the fall and sign up !